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Most Popular Christian Charities

If you look at a list of the most popular charity organizations in the world – a vast majority of them are run by Christians and churches. This just demonstrates the kindness and selflessness that us Christians have and the desire and willingness to help those in need. In this guide we shall look at a few of the most popular Christian charity organizations in different categories.

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Most Popular Child Sponsorship Christian Charity – World Vision

Possible one of the best known Christian charities in the world that helps save the lives of children is World Vision. Over 100 million children have had their lives changed through the generous donations of World Vision members.

They offer a variety of options that both Christians and non-Christians can use to help support the lives of the poorest children around the world. One of the options is to sponsor a child – which costs approximately $30-50 a month – you will receive correspondence from your child and regular photo updates that can show you how your donations have helped.

You can also sponsor communities and families through World Vision as well as give one-off donations that go towards helping children throughout the world that need your help the most.

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Most Popular Human Services Christian Charity – Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has been one of the most influential Christian charities ever in existence – as well as being one of the most historic. Many millions of people have been helped around the world thanks to the Salvation Army.

Their aim is to help bring Christian salvation to those most in need – both physically and spiritually regardless of their color, race, gender or religion. The Salvation Army works in 118 different countries and they offer a range of relief efforts and are particularly renowned for their disaster relief in countries hit by terrible natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes.

They also have thousands of charity/thrift shops around the world at which Christians and non-Christians can bring donations to be sold on to raise funds for the charity. The Salvation Army does door-to-door collections run by volunteers where people can donate any unwanted items such as clothes and home items.

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Most Popular International Relief Christian Charity – Church World Service

Church World Service is a Christian-run charity that helps provide international relief and development to countries most in need of our help. There are many countries that are suffering at the hands of war and corrupt governments with millions of people suffering as a result.

Not only does the Church World Service help those in developing countries but those in local American communities as well. Many people are unaware of the severe poverty that plagues many areas of the USA – some places worse than poverty stricken areas of Africa.

The aim of Church World Service is to help eradicate hunger and poverty while bringing peace and justice to the world. Some of their missions include disaster relief, building sustainable grassroots developments and refugee assistance. They help promote fair international and local political policies as well as providing educational resources to those who would otherwise receive no education.

Throughout their work they are working to embody the love of Jesus Christ while respecting and not discriminating against those of different faiths and cultures.

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Most Popular Hunger Charity – Bread for the World

The final popular Christian charity we shall look at today is Bread for the World. This charity has the aim of using the voices of Christians from around the world to help global decision makers end world hunger both locally in the USA and the rest of the world.

They run several petitions that are sent to the White House and various governments that are signed by Christians and non-Christians hoping to make a difference to the global hunger epidemic.

Their motto is: “Have Faith. End Hunger.” And they hope that if enough Christians air their voice then real changes can be made. This charity does not rely on monetary donations, instead they request that you donate your time and opinions. They run a range of ways in which you can get involved including at church, on campus at college, at home and in your local community.

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