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Giving Back In Christianity

Christians are very giving people and understand the importance of charitable actions and helping the needy and poor. In this guide we shall look at why giving back is so important to Christians.

History of Giving back in Christianity

The act of giving back dates well back to the origins of Christianity. Early Christians constantly gave guidance and possessions to fellow Christians when they were in need. Giving back is considered to be a social justice for Christians as opposed to individual charity.

Christians have always had a desire to help others by giving and having no expectations of receiving anything in return other than the satisfaction that it brings. For many centuries Christians have been involved in setting up hospitals, charitable organizations and more to help both fellow Christians and non-Christians alike when they are most at need.

Giving Back In Christianity

There are many missionaries set up by Christians throughout the third world that are not-for-profit and run by volunteer Christians who simply want to do what they can to give back. Even local churches try and reach out to the local community and provide whatever services they can to help give help where it’s needed the most. Many Christians and churches are involved in relief and development work both nationally and abroad.

Ever since the second world war, many churches across the developed world have set up organizations and agencies that help respond to the needs of people and countries around the world – including those who are affected by natural disasters.

Christians continue to give back to the global community on a daily basis and it is an important part of their spiritual and personal development and relationship with God.

Giving Back And Making Donations According To The Bible

The Bible and the Importance of Giving Back

The importance of giving back cannot be emphasized enough in the Bible. In fact, it is estimated that around 1 in every 16 verses of the New Testament – the poor are mentioned. Even more interesting is that one in five verses in James gospel mention the poor!

Essentially the message that is sent out from reading the Bible is that every Christian will essentially be judged by the way they treat the poor and that if we are poor then we will be especially blessed. In Matthew 25 it says how Jesus condemned to “eternal punishment” those that failed to provide the basic needs of “the least of these who are members of my family”.

Christian Donor Giving Back To the Community

Ways for Christians to Give Back

Giving back is something that every Christian can do – whether they are rich or poor. Even if you are living in poverty you can still give back. For example, if a friend is going through a hard time you can simply speak with them and give them guidance and reassurance – this can go a long way and expressions of love can be much more appreciated than monetary donations.

Many people choose to give back by volunteering in their local community or overseas. There are millions of people in need of your help everywhere in the world. Even just giving a local orphanage or elderly home an hour or two of your time each week can be a wonderful way of giving back and can give you a great level of satisfaction knowing you have touched someone’s life.

A huge number of Christians give back by making donations to Christian and non-Christian charities. There are literally hundreds of them throughout the world to choose from and even the smallest donation can make a difference.

Christian Donations And Giving Back

There are also ways in which you can donate unwanted items to various charities who then either distribute them to the poor or sell them to make profits that are then used for various missions. Not everyone can afford to donate regular monetary contributions to charities – but even just a small donation of a few cans of food to a homeless shelter is always appreciated and highly respected in the eyes of God.

Hopefully you have found this guide to Christianity and giving back both interesting and enlightening. Giving back is one of the most rewarding things you can do, particularly when you can make a difference to someone’s life.